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We're Dundee's first choice for Industrial Electricians, Commercial Electricians, Domestic Electricians in Dundee. In addition to providing the highest level of Electrical service, maintenance and call out services for homes and business's across Tayside and Fife.  LRRO Electrical offers a range of additional services to position us well ahead of our local Dundee competition.

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Five Star Service- as we understand how crucial it is to your business or home to run without any issues.  If any issues we aim to have them resolved quickly, efficiently and effectively. That's why LRRO Electrical Ltd is rapid in responding to an urgent call within a few hours.   Should you need more than 1 electrician, we have teams of Electricians on standby to respond to electrical call outs when you need more hands on deck. We can provide.

The LRRO Electrical ltd wants to give you, our paying customers peace of mind. 

All call out charges for Emergency Electrical work will be agreed on the call at a fixed call out charge, agreed over the phone and explained fully after all our aim is to get you back up and running again.

Value adding services

In everything we do its with our customers intentions at the heart, our key objective is to provide value added services early on for our customers.  To provide maximum benefit to our clients we prefer to be involved in projects during the concept and design development phases.  This maximises our input and ensures we can provide a competitive and fair price.

Being involved from the start allows us to add a personal touch, we are on this journey with you and we want your design outcomes  to be a success. We help to reduce project costs and delivery through the highest workmanship and innovative solutions & analysis. We research our products and source thee very best. 

LRRO Electrical Ltd achieves this by using our electricians and management team in areas such as Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen and Fife but believe me we are not not limited to any specific area we strive for perfection when we are sourcing our employees and materials.

  • Design and specification Analysis 
  • Efficient and Optimum materials selection and procurement.
  • Standardisation in selection and sizing of equipment.
  • Off-site prefabrication and manufacturing.
  • Pre and Planning  of the installation process.
  • Quality and commissioning of systems
  • Constructibility design.

Management systems

Our Management Systems ensure that we are able to effectively project manage the projects.  At LRRO Electrical Ltd we have a wealth of experience in employing project management systems that successfully tried and tested to accommodate our customer's requirements and provide comprehensive documentation that fulfils all regulatory requirements.


LRRO Electrical is highly skilled in effective asset management on industrial and commercial sites.  We are able to offer our customers a total asset management capability that will help to minimise plant availability and reduce life cycle costs. This ensures that our customers are able to achieve the greatest return on Plant and Equipment.

People and skills development

At LRRO Electrical, we realise that our greatest asset is our people.  We invest heavily in the develop and retention of our workforce to ensure the retention of our workforce. We're widely considered to be an employer of choice with both new and existing employees receiving in-house and external training programmes to ensure that they are able to continually develop their skills and stay safe.

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